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Seasonal Party Ideas

Genius Fun & Spooky Halloween Party Ideas That’ll Save You Money!

Fact – There’s no better way to celebrate the spookiest days & nights of the year than throwing a spectacular Halloween party for family, friends & neighbours. Halloween is the perfect excuse to share your DIY Halloween decorating ideas, Halloween-themed food & of course, Halloween costumes. Looking for ideas to make your Halloween party the best and save you money, you’ve come to the right place. Fun Party Supplies has been hosting Halloween parties on October 31st for over 30 years, and we are excited to share some of the best tricks and money-saving savvy Halloween decorating ideas with you. Halloween party games, food ideas, easy-to-wear Halloween costumes and trick or treat favours are all available now.

What to do at a Halloween party?

Having some fun is our best tip!  Halloween is one day/night a year and can be a great way to bring loved ones together in the Autumn.  Plan some Halloween games, have a Halloween parade & gift some prizes for the scariest costume, the cutest costume & gorgeous costume.  Organise a treasure hunt with cryptic messages to find around the house & garden, aim it towards the children so everyone can have fun together.  Print off Halloween Bingo – every age of children & adults loves a game of bingo.  I spy with a Halloween theme, all cheap and fun. 

How to throw a Halloween party

Halloween parties can be as complicated or easy as you wish.  We love an easy option.  First, look at your party space; most Halloween parties are at home or in the garden if the weather is kind.  Decide how long you would like the party to last and work on a suitable guest list.  Think about age groups and what kind of activities you’d like to do.  We always throw a Halloween party for the little ones and are happy to share our best ideas.

How to decorate for Halloween?

Dazzling displays all over Instagram and Facebook can make Halloween party decorating a little daunting.  Here are a few tricks of the trade.  Never have the brightest lights on; reduce lighting by using lamps and battery-operated candles.  We never recommend naked flames around children and paper party decorations!  Look at what you already have in place; bushes draped in spiderwebs and lampshades with paper bats stuck on the side all add to your Halloween decor without costing the earth.  Group items together and raid the local farm shop or supermarket for pumpkins, oranges, lemons & limes.  Think of your colour palette. Autumnal oranges, browns, greens and yellows look breathtaking at Halloween and can also create some delicious dishes and drinks to eat throughout the season.

How to keep the costs down for A Halloween Party?

Think big but in a small area.  Focus on the front door, front garden, window ledge, hallway shelf, or mantlepiece.  Using Halloween decorations in one focal point reduces costs and clean-up.  Shop savvy, look at Halloween decorations online but choose carefully.  Sort the decorations by price and look for bargains.  Look at pieces that can be reused every year, stored and added to so your collection grows.  We rather like things like this and use them on Halloween mantlepieces and table centres.  Halloween decor is never minimalist; you are trying to create a haunted house vibe, pile things up, and look around the house and garden. Use twigs, stacked books, fabric, gift boxes and vases to create height.  Use Halloween props to create the display, then drape, drape cobwebs, and string decorations front the top of your display to the base.  Create a triangle shape.  This creates a focal point at your party and a great photo backdrop.

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