Wrap a car with a bow and ribbon

How to wrap a new car with ribbon and a bow

If you wish to wrap your car do this first.   Ribbon to wrap the car can be found here.  We like to use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the ribbon into a fishtail shape for the perfect finishing touch. Wrap the car from bonnet to boot – ribbon can be tucked into the bonnet or boot or can simply be draped over the car depending on the weather.  Then taking a second piece of ribbon place over the car either across the bonnet or roof.  Take car not to place over the drivers seat – the first thing everyone wants to do is jump in the car ! Where the ribbon crosses attach your bow – if you can wrap a box you can wrap a bow.

All of our bows arrive ready to use, either with a tie on the reverse or a magnet.  This will be shown in the description of the product.  Simply take the bow out of its protective bag and place directly onto your car bonnet or roof.

When you are finished with the bow – remember to send us picture – the bow can be placed in recycling or stored for the next big gift.