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Our top children’s party themes for the first half of 2023 revealed

New research from online party retailer Fun Party Supplies has highlighted the biggest kids’ party themes based on sales data, on-site searches and Google search volumes.  

We have seen Super Mario experience the most significant increase in search volume from 2022 to 2023, with an 89% increase in searches; the new Super Mario film released in April 2023, the super mario brothers brand, has boosted sales of the Mario brothers fantastic party range, with the fancy dress costumes proving a must-have for book week and Halloween.  Super Mario is now popular with all ages, boys & girls, with its brightly coloured licensed party decorations being a huge hit. 

The Grand Prix has been making headlines worldwide, and that has shown in the number of Racing themed parties our customers are planning—a Grand Prix-themed gathering for young or older fans is very popular, with the lifesize cutouts of Verstappen & Hamilton being best sellers.

Barbie is as popular as ever; we have been selling Barbie for 20 years now, and with the new summer release of the film starring Margot Robbie, #Barbie has exceeded 12 million on Instagram alone.  We anticipate the new Barbie film and will share many ideas on how to recreate a Barbie party at home or a party venue.

Harry Potter has always been a popular party theme, with the film first appearing on our screens 30 years; a revival has been experienced lately with the release of the Harry Potter number 1 game, Hogwarts Legacy selling 15 million games, amassing $850 Million of sales in 2 weeks; the Harry Potter party theme now has new admirers and an increase of 62% increase of search volume on  

Gaming Parties, with six different ranges now available, the phenomenon of Gaming has not gone away – we have seen the search and purchase of Gaming related party themed increase tenfold. As games become part of popular culture, the opportunities to expand this sector continue to be developed.

Julie Leader, Party Director at, commented, “As a business, we celebrate 20 years in the party industry this year; it comes as no surprise that beloved characters like Super Mario and Barbie have once again captured the attention of younger and older audiences, thanks to the recent cinema releases this year. The debut of a movie showcasing an iconic or well-established character inevitably thrusts them back into the forefront of popular culture. Judging from the current landscape, this phenomenon holds for these franchises. It is interesting to see as this develops with releases on other platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The release of top-rated video games contribute to this trend,  for example, the overwhelming impact of Hogwarts Legacy, which has reignited our love for anything Harry Potter. The party landscape is no longer aimed at young children and TV shows, with themed events for all ages becoming popular, making the party industry as exciting as ever. Fun Party Supplies look forward to the next 20 years of our online store as we embrace the new party themes with our loyal customers“.

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